6 Important Tasks For Designing Your Perfect Kitchen

6 Important Tasks For Designing Your Perfect Kitchen
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When folks dive into revamping their kitchen, **functionality** hits the top of the priority list. They kick things off pondering, “How does my kitchen work for me?” Imagine whipping up daily meals or having a cozy spot where friends and family huddle up, chit-chat, and cook together.

The owner may prepare a variety of meals such as more traditional choices or gourmet foods. Under the circumstances, the owner needs specialty features for gourmet foods and features that accommodate made from scratch delicacies. By reading tips for designing your perfect kitchen, owners can analyze their needs and desires for the space.

1. Building Code and Permit Requirements

All authorities in Burnaby, BC require contractors to get permits for all new construction or renovation projects. The contractors must apply for the permit and get approval before starting any part of the remodeling project. They must understand what documents the authorities need to review the project and determine if it meets current building codes.

The building codes enforce safety regulations and laws that lower risks in the home and prevent the owner and their family from sustaining injuries or property damage. Once the permit is approved, the builder must set up inspections with building code inspectors at different phases of the project to maintain compliance with these laws and regulations.

For example, structural integrity systems are installed to stabilize the new kitchen rebuild. In Burnaby, property owners are not allowed to complete any electrical installations on their own, and the laws require them to hire a licensed electrician to install all electrical systems. Kitchen designs require lighting, electrical outlets, and direct connections to certain appliances. Only a licensed professional can complete these tasks, and the building inspectors will review the electrician’s licenses and documentation.

Plumbing fixtures must meet all building codes as well as any new plumbing lines that the plumber or contractor installs. A professional contractor adheres to all building codes and regulations and sets up all inspections for the property owners. A full inspection of the plumbing is necessary before the building inspector clears the property for any safety or building code violations. If there are any violations, the contractor must correct them before the homeowner can use the kitchen.

At Skilled Home Renovations Burnaby, we understand all guidelines, regulations, and laws that apply to your kitchen remodeling project. We follow the most up-to-date information to ensure that all our services are compliant. Our builders create a fully functional kitchen space and make your safety and health our number one priority. Ask our professional builders and remodelers for help with your upcoming kitchen rebuild now.

2. Traditional Versus Workstation Layouts

Traditional kitchen designs follow a triangle shape in which contractors follow an imaginary line that flows from the sink’s center to the middle of the cooktop then to the midpoint of the refrigerator and flows back to the sink installation. Small kitchens are ideal for these practices since they save space and won’t become congested with a lot of people when someone is cooking. Typically, a small kitchen is large enough for just one person. However, many homeowners want more space, and if they have small children, a smaller kitchen could become a nightmare when it’s time to cook.

Today, homeowners opt for larger kitchens to create sections for each step of meal preparation. Workstation layouts start with a prep station, cooking, storage, and then clean-up. Contractors centralize the workstations around either the sink or a countertop range. These designs do not limit the space to one cook and accommodate several people who can perform different tasks for the overall meal.

Busy households follow more modern trends, and families may spend more time together preparing their meals. When making this decision, homeowners can answer the question, “How do you intend to use the workstations?” The answer defines how many workstations they need and where to install each workstation within the kitchen. By reviewing these designs with our contractors, you can see how to infuse the kitchen with brilliant features that meet your personal style and accommodate your growing family.

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2. Island Design

Homeowners often opt for an island design since these structures feature a food preparation area, cabinets for storage, and informal seating for guests and family that want to visit while the homeowner is cooking. Some property owners add a beverage section, prep sinks, dishwashers, or an extra microwave.

Contractors can add or eliminate any features from the island concept. The islands can be log rectangular shape or even a semi-circle. These traditional kitchen designs do not have to fit within any mold, and the property owner can get any design they want to compliment the design without causing foot traffic congestion.

The right island design could provide seating for children and space for the kids to complete homework while their parents cook. Each of these concepts increases the function of the kitchen and gives the owner more use-value. The kitchen island can be used for activities such as crafts and other family night tasks. Contractors can add special features to accommodate the family and make the space more enjoyable for everyone.

4. Organized Storage

With kitchen cabinets, contractors can create any shape, style, or color to accommodate the homeowner’s needs. The function of the cabinets themselves is vital for the owner and should make it easier to store items they need in the kitchen and give the owner a convenient place where they can reach these items as needed.

A lazy-Susan is a unique cabinet that allows for storage deep within the cabinet, but the cabinet allows the owner to swing the cabinet around to reach each item stored in the cabinet. Some cabinets also feature roll-out trays that prevent the owner from squatting down just to see where a pot or pan is located in the storage option.

New modern options include deep drawers that are used for tall pots and pans and make cooking more convenient and easier. Some owners prefer vertical dividers that are placed inside narrow cabinets close by the preparation station and allow the owner to store items such as cookie sheets and trays they use for entertaining their guests.

The cabinet design helps homeowners hide their kitchen trash, and they can set up a bin in a separate cabinet for recycling. The right cabinet design eliminates clutter and keeps the entire kitchen more organized and tidy.

When choosing the cabinets for the kitchen, the owner can coordinate the same color scheme with their countertops and the backsplash. More modern and contemporary styles include neutral tones for the cabinets, counters, and backsplash.

Color-coordinated looks can increase the market value of the home and won’t require the owner to repaint or strip the cabinets later. Neutral colors are easier for everyone to decorate even a new owner down the road. Grays, whites, and lighter tans are great selections for kitchen cabinets and surrounding fixtures.

3. The Pantry

The size of the kitchen design may give the homeowner space for a walk-in pantry. A well-organized pantry is a terrific place to store extra cookware and small appliances. Food is more organized and easier to find inside the pantry with the right storage containers.

Glass canisters with appropriate labeling simplify the process and help everyone in the household find what they need. By placing the canisters strategically in the pantry, the homeowner creates an aesthetically pleasing and tidy addition to their kitchen design.

Some owners may want to add electrical plugs for appliances and other equipment they need for the kitchen. Outlets are great for recharging vacuums and computers overnight. When assessing the design, homeowners consider what else they can store in the pantry to fight clutter and make it easier to find things as needed.

Contractors can add outlets that are great for charging smartphones and may accommodate all phones in the household. The pantry is a great place to recharge the phones and keep them out of sight during mealtime. Many parents find the concept helpful as it increases meaningful conversation with their family.

6. Kitchen Lighting Concepts

The contractor reviews the overall design and how the owner uses the kitchen before recommending lighting concepts for the space. A professionally designed kitchen requires adequate lighting that lights up the room but is also aesthetically pleasing. The balance of light is essential for keeping the space lit and to centralize the light where it is needed the most when preparing and cooking meals.

Task lighting is a great choice for preparation areas, and ambient lighting adds overall brightness to the room. Accent lights are added for shadowy areas of the space and underneath the cabinets.

Decorative lighting is a terrific choice for showcasing a specific feature in the kitchen such as a display case or decorative touches placed throughout the kitchen.

To achieve better balance, some contractors recommend adding more than one lighting style in the kitchen. For instance, centralized lighting over the stovetop is terrific for increasing visibility when cooking, but the lighting won’t provide enough light for the entire kitchen. The contractors present recommendations and show the property owner how these installations balance the light overall in the new kitchen design.

7. Aging in Place and Accessibility

To acquire reclaimed wood, the flooring contractor visits recycling centers to get wood that was salvaged from older properties that were demolished. The unique aspect of the wood is that owners can get wood that was in intriguing old mansions and farmhouses by choosing recycled wood. The suppliers can provide details about the wood to the contractors, and homeowners can get wood from elegant old properties.

By choosing reclaimed wood over new wood, the property owner can do their part to decrease the depletion of trees and reuse wood to create timeless floors that have character. Some of the wood could come from historic buildings that were renovated and offer an interesting story. New wood is not eco-friendly and won’t have the same aesthetic benefits.

8. Natural or Stained Color

Property owners who want to grow old in their current home must make concessions when designing a new kitchen. As they age, there are new challenges when using the kitchen, and they need features in more convenient places to help them cook and clean the kitchen. For example, the owner could experience mobility issues, and everyday dishes and pots or pans should be in a centralized location to help them access the items in one place instead of walking around the kitchen too often. A two-tiered island could give them more accessibility for these items and an easy-to-use seating option right in front of the island design.

When setting up cabinets, the doors must be light and easy to open, and the homeowner should avoid complicated pulls, handles, or knobs. Style with simplicity is the best option for anyone who wants to use the same kitchen design for their golden years.

Flooring selections must prevent falls and shouldn’t become slippery after a spill. Flush thresholds reduce falls and injuries and stop the person from tripping and becoming seriously injured. As the owner grows older, the design should keep them more independent and eliminate any conditions that diminish their joy.

Contractors can present terrific tips for homeowners of all ages to allow them to age in place. As the contractors and homeowner review certain challenges the owner will face later, they can alter features in the new kitchen to accommodate these needs.

These changes can happen now instead of later, and the homeowner can save money on their overall kitchen renovation project. A dream kitchen in their 20s is not the same space for a homeowner in their 50s. The design must move with the times and the owner’s current needs.

At first, a new kitchen design might become overwhelming and present its own share of challenges, but the homeowner doesn’t have to let these new changes stress them out. A trusted and professional builder can help them through the entire process and increase the function of their kitchen. When getting started, the builder works with the homeowner to create a checklist of all the must-have features and installations. The collaboration leads to a fully functional and beautiful new kitchen design.

At Skilled Home Renovations, we specialize in luxurious new kitchen renovations and offer custom home designs in Burnaby, BC. We make it our personal mission to present you with a home that meets all your greatest expectations and gives you a wonderful property to live in all your life. Our meticulous design process and careful management of these renovation projects have earned us an incredible reputation for high quality, and we strive to offer only the finest craftsmanship for all our customers. Contact us today to get started on a new kitchen renovation or custom home design now!