Skilled Home Renovations has been providing the best bathroom renovations in Burnaby for years. We have built a remarkable reputation in giving their customers complete satisfaction and pride in all their work.

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Countertops, Sinks, and Vanities

We understand that different people have different bathroom remodeling needs. For this reason, we offer a variety of material choices in our products such as stone, ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel finishes.

On top of these product offerings, Skilled Home Renovations also has the most experienced staff in Burnaby when it comes to designs for bathrooms renovations in Burnaby. Skilled Home Renovations has a large, diverse team of experienced craftsmen offering design and installation services for bathrooms renovations in Burnaby. No project is too difficult for us because we understand that your bathroom renovation is your sanctuary – the place where you relax after a hard day at work.


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We use high-quality materials for all our work. All our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience in home renovation services.

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We are prompt with all our projects. Our team will not slow down your project, but rather ensure timely completion of the work. We take care of all aspects of your renovation to give you peace of mind.

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We offer free consultations. You will not be charged for the consultation itself, but all home improvement professionals are required to charge a fee in British Columbia.

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All our projects are quoted beforehand, so you know exactly what the price is. You will not be surprised by extra charges or hidden fees after the work is done.

Benefits of renovating your bathroom.

Having a new bathroom may be the most important renovation in your home. You can do more than just make it look nice.

If you are looking for a simple bathroom upgrade or an entirely new look, our experienced staff will be able to take care of everything. Give us a call today!


There are a number of factors that should be considered when renovating a bathroom. Some include the size of the room, type of fixture, design style, and the amount of light available.

This varies depending on the extent of the renovation project. Factors include size, the number of different types of fixtures, and whether or not the plumbing needs to be updated.

There is typically more than just simply installing new fixtures. A complete bathroom renovation consists of adding insulation, checking for drafts and air leakage, replacing flooring with tiles or hardwood, updating lighting, building storage cabinets for towels or toiletries, and more.

It’s best to renovate at the end of your home renovation project when you are left with an empty room that requires new fixtures. This gives you an opportunity to completely rethink the layout of the room and find new ways to use your space.

It is important that you hire a reputable renovating contractor in order to ensure quality workmanship and service. Make sure to ask for references, check their reputation on third-party websites, and ask for a written contract to guarantee that the work will be completed at a set price.

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Professional Bathroom Designers Burnaby

At Skilled Home Renovations, we make sure that every bathroom renovation in Burnaby is tailored to your personal needs. The team of professional designers at Skilled will go through a series of questions and measurements to give you exactly what you want from your new bathroom design.

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Updating Your Bathrooms Look

Skilled Home Renovations does more than just offer bathroom renovation services in Burnaby. We help you update your spaces so that they look modern and stylish, while still being functional for any member of the family.

Skilled Home Renovations offers their customers bathroom renovation services in Burnaby that they can depend on. We also do renovations for the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and basement.

Showers and Bathtub Refinishing

A shower is an important part of any bathroom renovation because of its functionality. Our staff will help you find the right shower design for your needs while also helping you choose the best materials for your budget.

We can also refinish any bathtub in Burnaby, offering new life to the tub of your dreams while giving it attention to detail that is second-to-none.

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Skilled Home Renovations has been providing the best bathroom renovations in Burnaby for years. We have built a remarkable reputation in giving our customers complete satisfaction and pride in all our work. We’ll take the time to get to know your bathroom remodel goals, as well as bring a gallery of suggestions and our portfolio of work so that you can see for yourself what we’re capable of. You can be sure that your bathroom renovation project is in good hands with us! For more information on our services, contact us today.


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