Discover the Best Tiles for Shower Walls and Floors

Discover the Best Tiles for Shower Walls and Floors
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Some of the most luxuriously functional bathrooms include quality tile to finish the look and provide timeless functionality. A successful bathroom remodeling project starts with finding suitable tiles to create the perfect mood and stand the test of time. Tiles come in various materials and textures; some are better for use in bathrooms than others. Learn more about how to find the best tiles for shower floors and walls to make this space more beautiful and enduring.

Design and Function

While many homeowners believe bathroom tiles are for design, they are also crucial in keeping the area free of water damage. In highly trafficked bathrooms where moisture builds, tiles are critical to maintaining the area’s integrity. Plus, various designed tiles allow homeowners to add colors and design to the bathroom. From unique textures to bright hues, tiles come in all styles to make the bathroom more impressive.

How to Choose Shower Floor Tiles

Shower floor tiles require special attention to safety because of the location to ensure everyone is safe while bathing. The top three factors to keep in mind include water resistance, protection, and the tile design to ensure it matches the rest of the space. The cost is also a factor, with materials to fit any preference and budget while creating a safer shower environment. Consider some of the best materials for shower floors to create the safest and most attractive space.

Ceramic for the Shower Floor​

Ceramic for the Shower Floor

One of the most popular options for showers is ceramic tile because it is versatile and affordable, with a glaze that resists water and slippage. As a result, glazed ceramic tiles are best because they protect the moist area from scratching and stains while keeping the area safe. In addition, many homeowners opt for ceramic tile in the shower because it is affordable and available in various designs to complement any decorating style.

A Shower Floor of Porcelain Tile

Another excellent choice for shower floors is dense, hard porcelain that offers even better water resistance than ceramic tiles. Much like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles should be professionally glazed to ensure it is waterproof and slip-proof for optimal safety. However, porcelain tiles are more expensive, making them practical and luxurious options for bathroom remodeling projects. Many high-end bathrooms include porcelain tile because of its form and function.

Choosing Tiles for Shower Walls and Backsplashes

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent for shower walls and backsplashes because they are waterproof and slippage-proof with the right glaze. However, these areas get a different level of direct contact than shower floors, so additional options are available to redesign your shower walls and backsplashes. As a result, homeowners can get creative when they choose tiles and select various sizes, colors, and shapes for walls and backsplashes.

Go for a Spa Feel With Natural Stone Tile

Creating a spa-like bathroom environment is a popular trend that includes adding tile in complementary hues for a natural feel. Consider materials such as quartz, marble, travertine, and marble with the proper sealing to be installed in a moist shower environment, and keep in mind they are more costly options. While these tiles are more slippery, they don’t get the same direct contact and offer a new and luxurious look in this well-used space.

The Beauty of Glass Tiles for Shower Walls and Backsplashes

Another suitable material for shower floors that works well for walls is glass because they are not slip-proof, water-resistant and durable. Additionally, these gorgeous tiles may change a shower space into a more airy setting, lightening up the area and making it appear larger. Glass tiles are a more expensive option. Still, they create a one-of-a-kind elegance that adds a touch of elegance to any size bathroom. Plus, the glass tile comes in unusual shapes and designs for a creative touch in the bathroom that visitors will surely appreciate.

Modern Bathroom interior with marble tiles

Are There Tiles to Avoid for Showers?

Bathroom remodeling projects require attention to detail and continued consultation with a professional team to ensure the job is done correctly and with safety in mind. For example, there are several tiles to avoid in showers because they don’t work well in moist areas. Plus, safety is always the most significant consideration during bathroom remodeling to ensure everyone can use the facilities without injury. Explore the materials to avoid when planning shower projects because they don’t offer the highest level of safety and functionality.

Concrete Tile is a Poor Choice

Many homeowners are investing in concrete tile floors because they are durable and eco-friendly. But concrete tiles are porous, so they are a poor choice for a wet shower environment. In addition, concrete tiles would require continued resealing to keep water out, and the tile would not stand the test of time in a shower space. As a result, skip concrete tiles when planning a shower renovation project.

Reconsider Using Laminate Tile

Often homeowners choose laminate flooring because it is affordable and mimics the appearance of more expensive materials. However, laminate is not waterproof, making it a poor choice for shower walls and floors. So avoid spending less because the project results will be disappointing and you may require more renovation soon. In addition, there are better types of tile for shower floors and walls.

Natural Stone Tile is Tricky

Natural stone tile helps bring the outdoor feeling inside, making bathrooms more organic. However, natural stone requires sealants to resist damage and stains, making it a slipper choice for the shower. In addition, natural stone is porous like concrete, so it is unsuitable for wet places and spaces. Fortunately, the look of natural stone is easy to emulate in more affordable and functional materials.

Versatile Porcelain and Ceramic

The two most versatile materials for shower renovations are ceramic and porcelain tiles because of their functionality and various print, size, and color options. Also, homeowners can get a natural stone look at a fraction of the price with minimal upkeep. As a result, those who prefer the appearance of stone, marble, concrete, or wood can emulate its appearance with practical and affordable ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Planning a Shower Remodeling Project

A shower remodeling project requires proper planning to ensure the desired results, including working with a local Vancouver contractor with the knowledge and expertise to make your dream a reality. First, establish a budget for remodeling the shower and installing new tiles. Then, research the latest trends and options, including a consultation with a bathroom remodeling expert.

Quality Tiles Matter

Ceramic and porcelain tiles deliver the quality homeowners want with the functionality to endure the test of time and ongoing use in this highly visited area. As a result, homeowners should choose quality materials that are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Fortunately, ceramic and porcelain tiles come in every style, color, and design to emulate the pricier materials without continued upgrading and maintenance.

Function and Form

Bathroom tiles should be functional to offer a safe environment in the shower while providing unique design options to complement any decorating style. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are versatile, so homeowners can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, prints, and textures to transform ordinary showers into inviting oases. Working with a bathroom renovation contractor helps homeowners select the suitable materials for their budget and decorating preferences to turn a typical bathroom into an extraordinary space.

Professional Installation is Always the Best

Some homeowners attempt to tackle home renovation projects independently and often spend more because they need to hire professionals to fix their mistakes. Instead of wasting time and money trying to do it yourself, work with a professional who understands the right tiles and materials to make a shower a safe and beautiful place. With a team of dedicated experts, you can turn your shower into a space you feel proud of without doing all the work to accomplish it.

How to Find the Right Bathroom Renovation Team

Finding the right bathroom renovation team is crucial to the overall success of any shower renovation project, including installing new floors and walls. Consult with local Vancouver professionals with the background, credentials, and recommendations to accomplish the work correctly. Always talk to a few contractors to compare the costs and terms, then work with the ones who make you feel most comfortable about their ability to achieve your bathroom vision.

Skilled Home Renovations Burnaby team has extensive experience renovating bathroom renovations in Vancouver. Choose from various materials and textures to make the shower an extraordinary oasis everyone can use for bathing and relaxation. Our team of professionals helps homeowners plan the best shower renovation projects without breaking the bank. Contact our pros to learn more about the suitable materials to transform your shower into a more beautiful and functional space for years to come.