Curious about how long a bathroom renovation takes?

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One of the most popular home renovations is updating the bathroom. Bathroom remodels are a great way to increase the value of a home and make it more usable for the homeowner. But, the wrong remodeling contractor can make the process too lengthy and frustrating. The right bathroom remodeler will be well organized and have the experience in the field to know how to get the job done professionally and quickly.

What Is The Average time it Takes For a Bathroom Remodel?

The average bathroom remodel will take 3-4 weeks or the better part of a month. Larger or more complicated remodels can take 4-7 weeks. A family should be prepared to lose the use of the bathroom for around one month. If this is a concern, ask for a completion date estimate when talking to the remodeler at the beginning of the project.

Any remodeling project takes time to do correctly and can be a lengthy process. There are numerous factors to consider before starting a bathroom remodel. Following are some of the time-consuming aspects involved in the remodeling process.

What Projects Take the Most Time?

The operational systems in a bathroom will take the most time. These include plumbing, electrical, framing and building walls, and flooring. Installing a new sink or bathtub will not take as long. Depending on what shape the space was in before the renovation started and how large the renovation project is, logistical systems can take from a few days to a week to complete.
A new bathtub will take approximately one day to install. Because different projects take different amounts of time to complete, planning is really important to keep a bathroom renovation on schedule.

What is the Current Condition of The Bathroom?

When you carefully inspect a bathroom, you will get a better idea of the work that will be involved in renovating it. If possible, it is advisable to repair and upgrade existing bathroom elements such as plumbing and electrical rather than starting from scratch. Gutting a bathroom and starting over with all new walls, floors, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, and finishes will be more costly and it will take more time. Moving electrical and plumbing elements can take more time and even bog down the renovation project.

Will You Hire a Home Renovation Contractor or Try To Do The Work On Your Own?

If this is a DIY project, you will be on your own schedule and can take as long as you need. This means you can devote more time to it and complete the work more quickly if you are able. There will be no waiting to be fit into a contractor’s schedule.

The drawback of doing a bathroom remodel on your own is that you will be doing all the work on your own. That can take a lot of time and money. Also, if you are not an experienced renovation contractor, plumber, or electrician, you may make expensive and dangerous mistakes that must be fixed by professionals at considerable cost.

But, hiring a professional home renovation contractor can assure you that the work will be done by licensed experts and will meet certain professional standards. Professional bathroom remodelers will give you a product and workmanship guarantee. You will need to be patient and let them do the remodeling job on their schedule, taking the time to do the job correctly without cutting corners.

How Many Home Renovation Contractors Will You Need to Hire for the Job?

You can choose to hire a different contractor for each system such as framing in, plumbing, electrical, etc. Or you can hire a bathroom renovation general contractor who will hire all the other professionals for you. Then, you only have to deal with one person. The bathroom remodeling project will go faster if one main contractor is scheduling and coordinating all the work schedules. Be sure there are sufficient experts working on the job to get it done quickly.

It Takes Time to Order Materials and Wait for Them To Be Delivered

A major part of the renovation cost and time line will be taken up with the delivery of building materials, fixtures, and finishes. Obtaining the perfect tile, sink, bathtub, flooring, stone, wood, and other bathroom elements takes effort and time. The bathroom design must be completed and the proper materials chosen before anything can be ordered. Then it will take time for everything to be shipped and delivered. Work can begin when all the materials have been delivered to the site.

A Full Bathroom Remodel Has Phases

A typical bathroom renovation is accomplished in three phases or components. These three parts of the renovation include:

  • Pre-construction: This step is where the planning and organization of the project happen. In this step the contractors are hired, contracts signed, permits obtained, plans are finalized, and materials are chosen and ordered.
  • During construction: This is the renovation phase where the actual demolition and reconstruction happens. Old and worn out elements are removed, the space is cleared and made ready for construction, and the actual renovation construction happens. Once the work is done, it must be inspected. Then the bathroom renovation is finished.
  • Post-construction: When the construction is completed, the contractor and customer do a walkthrough to inspect the project. The customer has a chance to point out defects to be corrected. When everyone is satisfied with the job, they sign off and the customer receives the final bill and payment is made.

Pre-construction-Phase 1 Details

These steps make up phase 1 of the bathroom renovation:

Posting Your Job

This is the part where the customer looks for contractors and professionals to meet their project needs. The posting or advertising of the job gives the customer more choices of professionals to do their renovation.

Schedule Site Visits and Bids

When you have prospective contractors in mind, it is time to schedule visits to your home and get bids. During site visits you can ask contractors if your plans are possible in your space. Get their ideas and get bids for the work they propose doing.

Choose the Bathroom Renovation Contractor

When you have interviewed and received bids from all the contractors on your list, it is time to choose the one you feel comfortable working with. Check their credentials and their customer ratings before deciding.

Sign the Contract and Obtain Building Permits

The chosen contractor should give you a contract to sign and help you obtain the permits as required. The permit applications will let the city know of your intentions for the renovation project if necessary.

The Purchase of Materials

While waiting for the permits when necessary, the homeowner and the renovation contractor should make final material choices and get everything ordered. These materials will include the wood, nails, sheetrock, finishing materials, bathtubs, sinks and other bathroom elements that have been chosen.

Notify the Neighbors

Before construction begins, consider notifying the nearby neighbors about the work to be done. They can then prepare for the additional noise and traffic. This will help keep good relations with the neighbors. In addition to notifying the neighbors in advance, it is wise to work with the contractor to keep noise levels down and limit them to daytime hours. Keep inconvenience to the Burnaby neighbors in mind.


During Construction-Phase 2


















These steps make up phase 1 of the bathroom renovation:

Clearing Out the Old Bathroom or Demolition

Before new construction can begin, the old bathroom needs to be demolished. This includes removing all the structural elements, finishes, old fixtures, and anything that will not be part of the new bathroom. When demolition is done, the space needs to be cleaned and made ready for the new construction to begin.

Flooring, Plumbing, and Electrical Work

The clear bathroom space can now have flooring added and framing for the new room completed. This is the stage where plumbing and electrical work are completed. When the framing is done and the plumbing and electrical lines are installed, the next step can happen.

City inspection and permit sign-off

When necessary, at this point, the city inspector should be scheduled to come and verify the work is up to city code. When the inspector verifies that the project is sound and safe, the permit will be signed and work can continue.

Floor and Structure Work

Now, it is time to work on reinforcing the bathroom’s structural components. The walls should be sturdy and the floor will need to support a lot of weight.

Bath, Sink Vanity, and Toilet Installation

With structural work done, it is time to install the bathroom fixtures including the sink vanity, toilet, and bathtub or shower. The plumbing connecting them to the water supply should be properly connected without leaks. All fixtures should be securely anchored in place.

Decor and Storage Additions

Time to add all the finishing touches to the new bathroom. Finishing touches include ceramic tile, mirrors, lights, rugs, shower curtains, and other decor elements to complete the bathroom.

Bathroom Clean Up

When the work is complete, any excess debris from construction should be cleaned up. This job includes cleaning up wood shavings, polishing surfaces, and completing any finishing touches. The bathroom should be ready for the homeowner to use.

Post Construction-Phase 3



















The bathroom is complete. Now is the time to review the work with the bathroom renovation contractor.

Contractor Walk-through

When a contractor finishes a job, the next step is a walk-through with the customer. This is where the customer approves the job and has a chance to note imperfections and ask for changes before the contractor leaves the job.

Changes Based On the Walkthrough

The contractor will now make any repairs or changes requested during the walk-through.

All Payments are Finalized

When the renovation work has been approved and the room is ready to use, the payments will be finalized. All parties are paid for their work and the Burnaby homeowner receives written proof that all parties have been paid.

When a homeowner chooses to hire professional contractors such as Skilled Home Renovations located in Burnaby, BC, they can be assured that their bathroom renovation will go smoothly and completed with the highest quality craftsmanship. Everything will be done right the first time by licensed professionals. This company will work with a homeowner’s budget and respect their wishes in the design and decor choices made.

A bathroom renovation will add value and functionality to your home. A worn, out of date bathroom can become a spa-like relaxing refuge after a hard day. The whole family can enjoy the new bathroom for years to come. But remember, renovating a bathroom the correct way takes time. It is important to make plans for what to do during the time the bathroom is out of commission to reduce the inconvenience.

It helps if the home has two bathrooms so that there is one to use during the renovation process. In homes with only one bathroom, it might be a good plan to plan on staying with friends or in a nearby hotel for a few days while the bathroom can not be used. The small amount of inconvenience during construction is a small price to pay for a brand new bathroom.