Guide For Selecting Finishing Touches For Your New Kitchen

Newly remodeled Kitchen
Harvey Radanovic

Harvey Radanovic

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Many homeowners become swept up in choosing larger fixtures for their kitchens and forget the finishing touches that are just as important. Cabinetry, countertops, and flooring are vital when building a custom home or renovating an existing kitchen. However, hardware for the cabinets and drawers is significant and completes the overall look.
The homeowner can strike the perfect balance between function and style by choosing the best hardware for the living space. The finishing touches pull the entire concept together, add the final aspect that showcases the owner’s personality, and make using the kitchen simpler. Suppliers offer a wide assortment of cabinet hardware in an array of styles, sizes, and finishes.

Types of Decorative Hardware

The hardware that the owner selects for the cabinets and drawers should conform to the preferred style. The handles and knobs should be comfortable to use and shouldn’t present any inconveniences for the owner. When shopping for the knobs or pulls, owners can request samples to try out on their cabinet doors or drawers.

First, the hardware must be comfortable and fit the owner’s hand easily. The installations must make it easier to use the drawers and cabinets without causing a strain or struggle to open them. The right size and shape are critical aspects of the hardware and define what is most suitable for the kitchen.

Homeowners don’t have to use the same knobs or pulls for each drawer or cabinet door. They can mix and match the products to create a complimentary look and make the hardware more visually interesting. When mixing and matching, the owner needs to stick to the same finish for all the knobs or pulls. Too many color schemes in one living space could be distracting and detract from the overall style.

When placing the order for the products, the owner must determine how long it takes for the products to arrive at the supplier’s location or to be shipped to their home. The average turnaround time for suppliers is around 12 weeks.

Size and Positioning of the Handles

The first attributes of the handles are balance, proportion, function, and aesthetics. By applying these attributes to the products, the owner can find functional hardware that creates an aesthetically pleasing look without compromising on function and creating an imbalance in the overall kitchen design.

When measuring the pulls, the owner must choose pulls that are about one-third of the length of the drawers. If the drawers measure more than 18 inches, it’s more beneficial for the owner to get a knob instead.

Traditional designs require the pulls to be installed horizontally on the drawers or cabinets. Sleeker designs include a sudden change. More designers are installing the pulls in vertical patterns instead to add convenience to the kitchen design and avoid common drawbacks of using pulls instead of knobs.

The installation of the knobs requires one screw that is positioned at the center of the drawer or toward the side where a cabinet door opens. When setting up the installations, the owner must be specific about where they want the knob or pull installed on the drawers or cabinet doors. The contractors measure each drawer and door to remain as consistent as possible with the installations.

Style of Hardware

The hardware selected for the kitchen must be consistent with the overall style. Common categories for the hardware are transitional, traditional, contemporary, eclectic, and rustic.

Contemporary Kitchen Hardware

Contemporary styles offer sleek lines, neutral color palettes, and minimal ornamental elements. Linear bar handles are a popular choice in this category and flow well with a contemporary kitchen design. Curved barrel handles are a great choice, too. Each of these selections offers a simple style that matches stainless steel appliances most effectively.

Transitional Kitchen Hardware

Transitional styles let homeowners combine traditional and contemporary elements into the kitchen design. Inset doors look great with cup handles and matching knobs. The point is to avoid hard-edged looks and too much of an ornamental look. The right balance of the elements is most aesthetically pleasing. Property owners that want to mix different styles can get more out of their kitchen design with a fusion of modern and traditional elements.

Traditional Kitchen Hardware

Traditional kitchen hardware is hallmarked by embellishments, moldings, and fine details. Drop handles and extravagant knobs are ideal for a traditional kitchen style and may provide a more authentic vintage kitchen design. A popular selection for traditional kitchens is porcelain overlay products. Many of the overlay products feature countryside pictures or delicate flowers, and the products may have gold around the edges of the knobs.

Rustic Kitchen Hardware

Rustic or farmhouse kitchen styles need rustic pulls and knobs that convey a warm and welcoming environment. The must-have hardware for these kitchen designs is oil-rubbed bronze pulls or knobs. For homeowners who want to recreate their grandmother’s kitchen from their childhood, these elements are amazing. They could get swept up in their childhood memories when reviewing the current product inventory and find selections that take them back to a memorable time in their lives.

Copper and black finishes are also top choices that add something elegant or sophisticated to the overall look. The purpose of the kitchen design is to create a more homey feel and make the homeowner feel like they are in the countryside.

Eclectic Kitchen Hardware Designs

Eclectic hardware designs are the best selections for spicing up the kitchen design and making it uniquely your own. These selections can range from any knob styles that are informal and create a relaxed environment.

Many homeowners choose seashells, their favorite fictional characters, and even cute knobs with bold colors and polka dots. Whatever your personal style is, these knobs are the best choice for showcasing your personality.

By choosing eclectic kitchen hardware, parents can create a fun environment for small children. When creating new memories, the kids will remember if their parents use carefree designs in the kitchen. They will remember baking cookies and other desserts together in a kitchen featuring a whimsical design with interesting knobs and pulls on the cabinets and drawers.

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Choosing the Best Finishes

The final step is to choose the finish for the knobs and pulls, and there are many more decisions to make. The different finishes include weathered, oil rubbed, polished, brushed, burnished, matte, painted, and antique. When reviewing the finishes on the different materials, homeowners may find stainless steel selections that look like a different metal because of the finish and could make a bold statement without making a major dent in their wallet.

Bronze will change over time and look more sophisticated, and the finish is also a terrific choice for making a bold statement. A more dramatic finish is black lacquer, and it will stand out in a white kitchen design. The finish should present a design that complements the overall design and stays within the preferred color scheme.

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