Discover the Most Expensive Aspects of a Bathroom Renovation

Discover the Most Expensive Aspects of a Bathroom Renovation
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Jumping into a bathroom makeover means you gotta keep an eye on the prize and the price. Yep, sprucing up your bath can hit your wallet harder than you think. Those dollars fly away faster when it’s not just a paint job but a full-on redo with shiny tiles, fancy faucets, and maybe even moving walls around. We’ve cracked the code on the priciest parts of a bathroom revamp after diving deep into projects all over Greater Vancouver. Stick around, and you’ll find out how not to let your bathroom budget go down the drain.

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Moving Bathroom Fixtures

One of the costliest aspects of a bathroom remodeling project is moving fixtures such as the toilet, tub, or sink. Changing the bathroom floor plan and fixture location means investing in professional plumbing to ensure everything works properly. Expect to spend additional money to relocate fixtures and update the bathroom floor plan according to your specifications.

Installing Quality Tile

Another expense that adds up quickly is installing quality tiles in the bathroom. The cost of different tile designs and types varies based on the homeowner’s choice and how much tile is installed in the room. Quality tiles with installation can start at a few thousand dollars and cost more based on the space and tile style.

Labor Matters

Labor costs are based on the hours needed to complete the job and the level of expertise required to complete all the work. As a result, labor can become quite costly if the bathroom renovation includes electrical work, plumbing, tile installation, and reconfigurations.

Plumbing Is Crucial

Proper plumbing is crucial to bathroom remodeling success because everyone relies on these fixtures to work when needed. Additionally, bathroom fixtures must be correctly connected to sewer systems to ensure continued reliability. The plumbing costs quickly increase if the project includes adding or moving fixtures.

Luxury Materials

The bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked rooms in any home, and homeowners want this space to look clean and impressive. However, adding luxury materials, such as marble counters and tile, can increase the project cost. Work with our Skilled Home Renovations Burnaby team to find the best quality materials at competitive prices.

Cabinet Installation

Often homeowners overlook storage during bathroom renovations, and adding cabinets is essential to have areas to put toiletries and supplies. However, cabinets vary in size, design, and cost, depending on the room size and amount of required storage. As a result, cabinet installation may cost more than anticipated and should be discussed at the beginning of a bathroom remodel project.

Customized Components

Some homeowners install customized components that fit the room rather than reconfigure the space. While this can reduce costs, customized vanities and other additions may also become expensive. In addition, customization typically costs more than stock items, and prices can be lowered by choosing affordable materials rather than luxury ones.

Discover the Most Expensive Aspects of a Bathroom Renovation - Customized Materials

Room Reconfiguration

Another element that makes a bathroom renovation more expensive is reconfiguring the room. Sometimes, homeowners want more space in the bathroom to accommodate a growing family or to add luxurious features. Either way, removing or adding walls requires labor and materials that can add up to more money quickly, and the possibilities should be discussed entirely before starting the project.

Altering the Layout

While reconfiguration requires removing or adding walls, altering the layout in some ways can also mean mounting costs for a bathroom remodel. For example, a small bathroom can be made more spacious by changing the size and shape of specific fixtures and components. Sometimes the customization of certain features is necessary to find the correct elements to transform the room and make it more functional.

Size Matters

Many factors influence the cost of a bathroom renovation project, including the room’s size. Naturally, a half guest bathroom will cost less to renovate than a full bathroom with a spa tub in the main bedroom suite.

Consider the Scope of the Project

A bathroom remodel could be simple or complex, depending on the homeowners’ needs and preferences. Some homeowners want a few fixtures replaced, while others seek to transform the appearance and functionality of the entire space. The more work and materials used, the higher the bathroom remodeling project cost.

Cost Versus Functionality

Often homeowners want to save money on remodeling projects but feel reluctant to compromise when it comes to functionality. Fortunately, nearly every price category has various options to find the quality and functionality required to improve the essential space. Work with an industry expert to determine which items can be less costly without compromising on your priorities to lower the overall project cost.

Investing in Future Savings

Another aspect to consider during a bathroom renovation is choosing energy-efficient fixtures to save money on utility bills in the future. While some of these items might initially cost more, the savings increase over the years with continued use. As a result, it might be more cost-effective to select energy-efficient bathroom components to help save on costs for a long time to come.

Consult with a Professional

Before revamping your bathroom, consult a local bathroom renovation contractor with industry knowledge and expertise. Working with an expert ensures homeowners get the desired results without breaking the bank. Plus, an experienced general contractor will know various ways to improve the bathroom within the budget and preferences of almost any homeowner.

Contact our Skilled Home Renovations Burnaby contractors if you’re ready to transform your bathroom and make it a better space. Our experts work with homeowners to find the perfect solutions to turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. Call us today to find out how affordable and accessible a beautiful bathroom can be.