Shower vs Bathtub: Is It Time to Upgrade?

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Are you considering selling your home in 2023, or will it soon be a part of your plans? If so, consider how you can increase the value of your home through bathroom improvements. You may have heard that investing in certain bathroom features can increase resale value and ROI further down the line. Do you know if a bathtub or shower can boost your home’s worth?

Investing money and energy into either one is important when preparing to sell – this blog post will help answer which choice provides more resale value per dollar spent. Read on for an analysis of showers and bathtubs as we compare them side-by-side to uncover their respective values in 2023!

Differences Between Bathtubs and Showers

If you’re looking to create a luxurious oasis in your bathroom, then specific bathtub designs can elevate the look and feel of your space. But if convenience is more important for daily routines, showers provide an easy way to stay clean with efficient use of time – making them ideal for busy lives! Both options have unique advantages; it’s up to you which best fits your needs. The differences are outlined below so you can judge which you should choose.


Showers are ideal for efficient and time-saving cleanups, while bathtubs give a more luxurious bathing experience.

Bathtubs are available in various styles, including drop-in, soaking, and freestanding, giving your bathroom an entirely new look. Whereas showers tend to have fewer design options, a bathtub might be your best option if you’re looking for visual variety in your setup! Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best with the bathroom style you’re aiming for.


Whether you choose a standalone tub, drop-in bathtub, or shower, maintenance is an essential factor that should be considered. Freestanding tubs are less prone to degradation since they are not affixed to your walls. However, remember that regular cleaning and care can help extend the life of all tubs and showers!

Installation Process

Installing a shower or bathtub depends on the type and style you choose. Both require area preparation before installation begins. A typical shower has small, lightweight pieces, making installation much more straightforward. On the other hand, a drop-in bathtub can be more intimidating as it can weigh 100 pounds or more! To install this type of bathtub, you’ll need to place it in the appropriate ingress and reinforce it with sealant and caulking. However, a standalone tub is straightforward – place it anywhere in your bathroom that suits your needs!

Bathroom Space

When considering a shower vs. bathtub for your bathroom, the required space is crucial. A shower usually takes up less horizontal space and can fit almost any sized bathroom, with small showers usually around 36″x36″. For a bathtub, though, you’ll need either an ingress that meets 2-3 joining walls or a bigger space to fit a freestanding bathtub – which generally measures between fifty to seventy-two inches long and 24-32 inches wide. Whether you prefer the convenience of a shower or the luxury of a bubbly soak in the tub, it’s important to consider your available room when deciding what’s best for your bathroom’s needs!

The User

Whether you’re deciding which to choose for your bathroom renovation or just trying to determine what would work best for you and your family, there are a few important factors you’ll need to consider.

  • First, you’ll want to consider who will be using the bathroom. Showers are perfect for teens, adults, and young people, providing quick access and convenience while still providing a relaxing space.
  • On the other hand, bathtubs are excellent for parents with young children or elderly family members as they provide more support and safety features than showers.

Ultimately, the choice between shower vs. bathtub comes down to personal preference – think about the occupants of your home and their needs when making your decision.

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How Does Having a Shower or Bath Impact Home Resale Worth?

Installing a bathtub or shower in your home is no small feat – after all, these fixtures are essential pieces of any bathroom remodel. As such, the value of a proper bathtub can have serious implications on the resale value of your home. In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in popularity for freestanding bathtubs – they are both beautiful and luxurious additions to any home, and it’s easy to see why!

Due to their increased difficulty and higher cost to install, bathtubs often fetch higher prices when compared to showers on the resale market. Before you purchase either a shower or a tub for your bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider which type will offer the most return on investment when it comes to selling.

Rest assured that if you opt for a well-crafted and stylish freestanding bathtub for your bathroom project, you can expect an increase in worth when it’s time to resell your home!


It’s important to know whether a shower or bathtub will positively or negatively affect your home’s resale value before making any decisions. Showers are much more versatile than baths and take up less space, making them ideal for small bathrooms. If you’re considering renovating your bathroom, consult a bathroom renovation contractor about which option would be best for you and your home. Skilled Home Renovations Burnaby can help you start your bathroom renovation today, whether in Burnaby or anywhere in Metro Vancouver. Give us a call to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to revamping your bathroom, nothing beats a shower! Not only are they much easier to install than a bath, but the amount of money you’ll save in the long run is unbeatable. Plus, they provide a sleek and modern look you won’t get with a bathtub. Whether for convenience or luxury, replacing your bath with a shower is always worth it.

Whether you favor a relaxing soak in the tub or enjoy a quick, refreshing shower to start your day, everyone agrees the decision between baths versus showers comes down to personal preference. Fortunately, home buyers can often have both options thanks to hardworking home builders and interior designers who strive to meet the wants and needs of their clients. In our experience, most buyers prefer a combined bathtub and shower space instead of just a shower stall. This gives them the option of switching between baths and showers according to their needs or mood – allowing them to customize their bathing experience truly.